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Short mentions of the Flamingo gods that are here to bring peace to our ears. 

The 5th Floor of the Tree


The Flamingo Jones

If this album was a greek god, the only one fitting enough to hold the title would be Apollo himself.  The God of Music and master magician, Apollo flowed through The Flamingo Jones' veins in order to make a record capable of giving you the gift of telepathy within the first 10 minutes.  I wouldnt be surprised if this entire album was recorded with golden instruments found at the bottom of the ocean. You can have an eye-staring contest with Medusa listening to this album. 




Jump onto your chocobo and join a flamingo race, fall in love with a spaniard woman and shoot her husband.  Hide out in the canyons eating wildflowers and strawberries for 7 years. Ride your mustang out into the sunset and live a life overseas under a new name. 

Strangled by Flamingos


Strangled by Flamingos

The gestation period of a flamingo is roughly 27-31 days.  Rumor has it, however, that if you play these psychadelic noise sounds to those cute, incubating eggs, they'll emerge somewhere between 8-9 days.  They'll be more intelligent, they'll have an exacerbated wing span (12-18feet) and they'll be capable of flight that hasn't been seen since the Wright brothers. God Speed you Black Flamingos. 



The Black Flamingo

Man has gone to war with every civilized and non-civilized country he could think of. There are no more plants capable of sprouting vegetation.  The air is thick with the smog of war.  Death surrounds man everywhere he goes.  He now shares this planet with only one thing.  Flamingos.  Man has been at war with flamingos since the big bang, and now they face their final point of contact.  The Black Flamingo prowls the land, pecking every man woman and child to death.  Will man bury his head in the sand and give in to their ultimate demise? Or take on the Black Flamingo, and restore Earth to the absolute shithole that it really is. 

Notable mentions of Flamingo bands that didn't make the cut due to me not thinking their music stood out, but had names i wish i had thought of myself.

  • Flamingo Nosebleed

  • Placebo Flamingo

  • Flamingo Pudding

  • Flame Grilled Flamingos

Duration of playlist: 3hr 18min

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