Full Moon Rituals


All of the 12 moons

Wolf Moon

The Moon Rang Like a Bell


Hudred Waters

The Good Book, insinuating there is only one good book in existence, which is a stretch if you ask me.  One too many maybe.  THAT BEING SAID, if there was such a thing as a 'good book', it might sound like this.  Let the Rollerskating Queen leak knowledge all over your earholes.

"They're only putting in a nickel

And they want a dollar song"

Goddam, Melanie you introspective bitch, you can't get that knowledge from a book, only from music. 

Snow Moon

Moon Trips


Space Fox

The unlicensed sequel to Melanie's The Good Book.  This is basically a Fan Fiction that takes place 30 years later. Except instead of birthdays and sunshine you get drug relapses, machine guns, spin moves, marijuana extracts, baggy jeans, chopped up bodies in suitcases, and Nissan Muranos.  

Worm Moon

Moon Hooch


Moon Hooch

Oceanic Funeral Doom album based on the 1907 book, The Boats of the Glen Carrig.   Do not listen to this if you are easily frightened by unknown sea monsters, the open ocean, mysterious oozes, have high blood pressure, or have an underlying heart condition. Also don't read this if you're cool, remember, reading is for scholastic poindexters. 

Pink Moon



Holy Mushroom

This should come standard-issue with every DND roleplaying book. The title for this album should be Lo-fi-dungeon-crawler-chiptune-beats to slay rats and roll dice to.  

Flower Moon

Moon Wedding



This is the perfect addition to your 70's-retro-bachelor-pad-library. For those who only have books at their casa to impress the ladies.  Titles of your home library may include: How to Slay Mad Puss, Living with a 17-inch Schlong, Cutting Trees Down with Your Fists and other Foliage Related Man-Tasks, Whiskey Identification Guide, 35mm Photo Album of that Bear I Killed, and A Guide on How to Gather Ethically Sourced Cocaine in America. 

Strawberry Moon

The Dungeon on the Moon



The only bad decision this album has to offer, is not introducing you to Spacegrass or 10001110101. On top of that, do not refer to this as a "How to Make Bad Decision" guide.  Instead, here are some bad ideas of my own: get yourself debilitatingly addicted to black tar heroin, quit your job and spend all your time creating a Playstation 1 game called The Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys, turn the autosave feature off while creating your website and lose 3 days of writing and organizing because you're a fucking idiot who didn't learn his lesson the first time, buy a used 05 Subaru Outback, gamble on that 5 day old leftover pizza, or try littering. 

Elephant Moon

Elephant Moon


Space Debris

There is no more useless of a moon phase than the Buck Moon. In this professionally worded email to NASA i requested they replace the Buck Moon with the Elephant Moon. 


Sturgeon Moon

Hollow Moon



This is the book you try to read as you fall asleep.  You keep reading the same 2 pages over and over, realizing halfway through that you already read that page, but haven't processed any of the information.  The book never gets finished and it starts its new life as a coffee cup coaster. 

Harvest Moon


Dancing on the Moon


Cafè Accordion Orchestra

This book can only be found in a high end Jerusalem book boutique. It probably costs 343.87 shekels and comes with a complementary bottle of red wine.  Considering this is the 14th volume of Book of Angels, might i suggest a bottle of Grand Cru Burgandy, aged 14 years.  

Hunters Moon



Ghost Bath

You've made it this far without learning how to read, why start now.  Coloring books are the only books that get a free pass by me.  Everybody looks down on you if you've seen Lord of the Rings without reading the books, but nobody gets offended if you've painted a canvas without coloring in Secret Garden an Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. 

Beavers Moon

Moon Bath


Triple Gemini

thankfully this book doesn't have any words, which is fine because if it did, that shit would be written in japanese, and i couldn't even point out japan on a map if you asked me.  toe describes, in no words at all, why anxiety is a useless construct of the mind, and if you continually lay awake at night remembering that joke that bombed in 5th grade, you're going to have a heart attack at 42 years old.  

Cold Moon


Blue Moon Station


Solar Fields

No library i ever walked into ever had music like this playing.  Usually all you can hear is the sound of feet shuffling between bookshelves, homeless men coughing onto computer keyboards, and the security guard at the door hitting on the freshly-turned 18 librarian.  That's why you won't catch me dead inside one of those disease-ridden hell-holes.  That being said, clearly this library-sympathizer took some inspiration from those book castles and made an avant-garde electronica album worth listening to.  

Duration of playlist: 12hr 29min

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